Saturday, January 14, 2017


I created TREE TOPS entirely by using hand knitted pieces of varying shades of green. There is a little beading used to generate light and some background painting for the tree trunks. Size: 12 x 32 x 4 ins and mounted on ready to hang canvas
Hopefully I have created the depth I wanted in this stand of trees. It's full of texture and fairly heavy due to the amount of yarn I used.
I have written a pattern for an example piece showing all the stages of designing your own wall hanging. This is free style art so no exact pattern would be possible, but this pattern shows how I make and construct a wall art design. It includes step by step photos and clear and easy to follow instructions. All you need to know to create your very own and individual design. 
The pattern is called *ENDLESS BLUE* and available as a pdf download from

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