Wednesday, July 26, 2017

*HONEY BEAR* the easiest bear to knit


*HONEY* is a very easy to knit, very cute bear. I tried for years to find a knitting pattern for a bear that wasn't in 50 pieces! Well I exaggerate slightly, but you'll know what I mean.

For Honey, the body, head and nose are all knitted in one easy piece with one seam at the back. The arms and legs (one piece each) are easily button and thread jointed. Honey's ears are knitted in 2 pieces and sewn together before attaching to the head.

I have used 2 strands of yarn together in this design, one plain double knit and one textured in a matching colour. By changing the textured yarn, bears will also change their appearance as can be seen in the photos.

2 strands of yarn make this a nice firm bear with no gaps for stuffing to escape!
Also Honey is knitted on 2 straight needles.....bliss.  

The trick of making a lovely bear is the stuffing. Every little place needs to be filled. Go slowly and work and wiggle the fibre filling to the very ends of paws and noses, tummies and heads. The finished result will be well worth the time and effort.
The expression on your bear's face can change too depending on where you place the ears. The lower they are the cuter the face I think. Pin them first to see where you like them the best.
Experiment with yarns and every bear will be different, no set hard and fast rules, just a very easy bear to knit.



Tuesday, July 25, 2017

*HUSH A BYE BABY* baby blanket

I love this pretty yarn, it's King Cole Melody and the colour is Rainbow, very girlie.
I have tried to design a blanket to maximise the colours but a plain blue or white without the bows would be lovely for a baby boy.
It's approx 28x28ins / 70x70cms when finished.
The pattern is very easy to follow and there are plenty of step by step photos if you need them.
The border is knitted after and stitched to the main section. The bows are very securely sewn on and are, of course, entirely optional.


Sunday, March 12, 2017


I have just learnt to crochet, I started in Feb this year and after many video tutorials I figured out how to do it left handed.
This was my first blanket. It's solid puff stitch squares, joined with a single crochet on the right side then I added small crocheted flowers to every *corner*.
I used James C Brett double knit in pink, lilac and cream on a 4mm hook.


Saturday, January 14, 2017


I created TREE TOPS entirely by using hand knitted pieces of varying shades of green. There is a little beading used to generate light and some background painting for the tree trunks. Size: 12 x 32 x 4 ins and mounted on ready to hang canvas
Hopefully I have created the depth I wanted in this stand of trees. It's full of texture and fairly heavy due to the amount of yarn I used.
I have written a pattern for an example piece showing all the stages of designing your own wall hanging. This is free style art so no exact pattern would be possible, but this pattern shows how I make and construct a wall art design. It includes step by step photos and clear and easy to follow instructions. All you need to know to create your very own and individual design. 
The pattern is called *ENDLESS BLUE* and available as a pdf download from

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

*BIG EARS and BUTTERCUP BUNNY* knitting pattern

*BIG EARS and BUTTERCUP* are very easy to knit bunnies. All their clothes and accessories are included in the pattern.
You will need Aran weight yarn for the bunnies and double knit (or their equivalents) for the clothes and when finished the bunnies are approx 13ins/33cms.
They both carry carrots to snack on as bunnies can get hungry at any time!
Why not swap the carrots for mini Easter eggs and make this pair as a keepsake Easter gift?

They still look cute when their clothes are being washed.
You can see here their arms are button and thread jointed and both bunnies are easy to knit following clear instruction. Plenty of step by step photos too.

The knitting pattern is available
pdf only.

*BABY BUTTERCUP* baby blanket

I knitted *BABY BUTTERCUP* in a very soft Aran weight yarn, so cozy for winter babies. I decorated it with white guipure lace daisies, but this is entirely optional.

 The finished size is approx. 36x36ins/92x92cms. It is worked in 4 triangles and these are sewn together at the end.

You will need approx. 550gms baby soft Aran weight yarn and 1xpair 5mm knitting needles.
The textured patterns looks harder than they are and are super easy to pick up and remember.
I have made this blanket several times and, no matter the type of Aran yarn used, it always knits up very easily. I knitted it in pure white for a winter Christening, it would also make a beautiful gift for a new baby.
My knitting pattern for this design is available (pdf only) from


Tuesday, January 10, 2017


When I first started to knit I would pass this over to my Mum. I liked the knitting part but not the finishing. So if there were stitches to pick up I couldn't or wouldn't do it!
Eventually I had no choice, my poor Mum passed away so I made myself learn.
Now there is You Tube and how much easier it is to find out how to do *everything*?
I found this easy to follow video and so wish I'd seen it all those years ago before the internet.......yes there was a time before the
Makes me feel so old sometimes when I think about it. Some people have never known life without it....I can even remember the truly dark times before television !!!
Anyway, back to the here and now. If you're struggling picking up stitches, take a look at this and life on the knitting needles will become a whole lot easier x


I have over 40 patterns on sale for half price or less in my Etsy shop.
They can be found in the *SALE* section on the left hand side of the home page.
Listed here is a small selection of baby blankets, toys and accessories.

*BEAR and BOWS* baby blanket.
Knitted in squares with the teddy bear, which is included in the pattern, stitched on at the end.  
*Dress up Dolly* is approx 20ins/50cms and the pattern includes the doll, her hat, coat, dress, undies, scarf, muff and bag. All super easy to knit.
*Flossy* includes the doll and her fab dungarees with pretty lace shoulder straps and headband She is approx 13ins/33cms 
*JACK and JILL* baby blanket.
A simple yet effective pattern that is suitable for both boys and girls. Just choose the Aran yarn you prefer whether it is multi or plain.
*FORGET ME NOT*baby blanket.
*FORGET ME NOT* is an easy to knit baby blanket for buggy, basket or car seat. There is a nice folded border and the frill is very easy to knit. I used James C Brett Baby Marble in shade BM3 but the pattern is suitable for any baby soft double knit or equivalent yarn.
Plenty of step by step photos are included in the pattern
*SWEET DREAMS* baby blanket.
I love this old fashioned stitch I used on the border.
Knitted using soft Aran weight yarn, perfect for Autumn/Fall or Winter babies for that extra bit of snuggle. The rose bauds are an optional extra
Nothing difficult, knits up quickly on 5.5mm knitting needles

*The Three Bears* is a 12 page pattern for Mummy, Daddy and Baby bears. Their approx. sizes are: Daddy 17ins/43cms...Mummy…14ins/36cms..…Baby11ins/28cms
They are knitted on 2 straight needles and are button and thread jointed.....all very easy.
This *Plaited Scarf* is a real winter warmer. The thick plait at the centre will certainly help to keep out those winter chills.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Novelty brooches that are so quick and easy to knit using just oddments of yarn and a few beads, ribbon or embellishments crafters seem to accumulate, I know I do!!!
I bought a pack of bar pins to sew to the back of each brooch. They are readily available from haberdashery outlets and I purchased mine online.
The finished size of each brooch is approx. 3.5ins/9cms.
Make them for school fairs in team colours or for any fund raising occasion.
The knitting pattern is available from my Etsy shop 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

*LITTLE DREAMER* baby blanket

One of my favourite baby blanket designs. I've made several of these in different colours and yarn weights. The pattern is in double knit but I prefer to use baby soft Aran yarn on a bigger needle. The blanket comes out a touch bigger but the overall pattern is the same.
For the main photo here I added a few crocheted flowers (not included in the pattern) and on the pink one I used guipure lace daisies to decorate it. Both look so pretty, but for a baby boy I preferred to have no decoration.

Worked in 4 triangles and sewn together, using the loop stitch from the beginning of every row. Very neat and easy.
My knitting pattern is available (pdf only) from


TINY TED knitting pattern for these sweet little Teddy Bears that are approx 7ins/18cms when complete.
These little bears are knitted using double knit or equivalent yarn and the pattern is really easy to follow.
The eyes and nose are embroidered on the face and the ribbon and lace are securely attached but are, of course, optional.
No filling is required as this is a flat Teddy.
This easy to knit bear is ideal for tiny hands to hold.
My knitting pattern is available (pdf only) from

Thursday, January 5, 2017

*RAINBOW DUST* baby blanket


*RAINBOW DUST* is so easy to knit in baby soft double knit yarn.
I chose King Cole Melody and the colour is Candy. Very soft and very pretty.
The border is knitted separately to the main body piece.
Sew together gathering at the corners.
The finisher size is approx.: 30x30ins/78x78cms.
This would be a lovely gift for a new baby and the pattern is perfect for girls and boys just change the yarn accordingly.
My knitting pattern is available (pdf only) from

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


*DRESS UP DOLLY* knitting pattern.
Little ones always love to undress and dress a doll and this one has plenty of clothes and accessories to do just that.
This knitting pattern is full of step by step photos and clear instructions to knit not only the dolly but all these as well: her dress, panties, coat, beret, winter muff, scarf and bag.
She has easy hair too that is firmly stitched to her head....ouch!
Knitted using 2 strands of double knit or equivalent yarn together on 5mm needles.Finished size approx 20ins/50cms.
Stuffing is the key to a good toy. I find it beast to add small amounts, of a good quality fibre fill, at a time. Tease it apart first and try not to leave any gaps I use a knitting needle to get into those smaller areas.
Toy making is fun and can use up lots of odds and ends we knitters tend to store away!
*DRESS UP DOLLY* just waiting for someone to love her xxx
My knitting pattern is in the SALE section as (pdf only) from

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

*LITTLE BOY BLUE* baby blanket

A nice and easy baby blanket suitable for both quite new knitters and the more experienced knitter too. I have added plenty of step by step photos as added guidance should it be needed.

 Approx size 28x28ins/72x72cms.
This blanket uses approx 200gms of double knit, or equivalent, baby soft yarn.
I added a satin bow but this is entirely optional.

The knitting pattern is available from my Etsy shop (pdf only)

*PAVLOVA* baby blanket

An easy blanket for both new and more experienced knitters.
I like the multi colours but this design would look lovely in a plain colour too.
For this design I have added a simple crochet edge/border and I have included the link for it in the pattern.
I have never crocheted before and found this very easy to follow, very quickly. I'm left handed and could follow the instructions easily. They were very clear and, of course, it was so simple to stop, start and rewind the video.

It is optional as it's added after the knitting and sewing together is complete. A garter stitch border would suit this blanket and could be knitted in one of the colours or a mixture in stripes.
The guipure lace daisies are readily available in good haberdashery outlets and of course online. I used pink and white but there are others colours to choose from.

You can easily be make a bigger blanket by adding more squares and adjusting the amount of yarn required accordingly.
Approx size 28x28ins/72x72cms

The knitting pattern (pdf only) is available from my Etsy shop


I have been an independent designer of my own knitting patterns for several years. It took several attempts of writing a pattern to get it how I like it but, I got there in the end. I hope.
Personally I'm not a fan of buying a pattern only to find 3 or 4 columns on an A4 size leaflet. The printing is very small and the rows are broken over 2,3 or more lines. When reading a new pattern I like to be able to read it straight across one line.
So with this in mind I set about writing down my designs.
I add plenty of step by step photos for assistance if, indeed, it's needed.
This is an example of how my patterns are set out:
This is worked in *Mock Cable Stitch*
Cast on 32sts using 4.5mm knitting needles.
1. P2 * Sl 1, K2, PSSO, P2* rep from *-* to end
2. K2 * P1 Yrn P1, K2* rep from *-* to end
3. P2 * K3, P2* rep from *-* to end
4. K2 * P3, K2* rep from *-* to end

Taken from *FAIRYTALE* baby blanket

Each patterns has clear details on how much yarn you will need and the size of needle preferred. Also a list of abbreviations at the start of the pattern so you can familiarise yourself with the stitches used.
I tend to use pretty basic stitches that knitters of all abilities will be able to have a really good go at.
More often than not I buy the yarn first and design around that, probably, like most knitters, I'm a bit of a yarnaholic!!