Wednesday, July 26, 2017

*HONEY BEAR* the easiest bear to knit


*HONEY* is a very easy to knit, very cute bear. I tried for years to find a knitting pattern for a bear that wasn't in 50 pieces! Well I exaggerate slightly, but you'll know what I mean.

For Honey, the body, head and nose are all knitted in one easy piece with one seam at the back. The arms and legs (one piece each) are easily button and thread jointed. Honey's ears are knitted in 2 pieces and sewn together before attaching to the head.

I have used 2 strands of yarn together in this design, one plain double knit and one textured in a matching colour. By changing the textured yarn, bears will also change their appearance as can be seen in the photos.

2 strands of yarn make this a nice firm bear with no gaps for stuffing to escape!
Also Honey is knitted on 2 straight needles.....bliss.  

The trick of making a lovely bear is the stuffing. Every little place needs to be filled. Go slowly and work and wiggle the fibre filling to the very ends of paws and noses, tummies and heads. The finished result will be well worth the time and effort.
The expression on your bear's face can change too depending on where you place the ears. The lower they are the cuter the face I think. Pin them first to see where you like them the best.
Experiment with yarns and every bear will be different, no set hard and fast rules, just a very easy bear to knit.



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